About Erin Todsen

Why Erin?

I know that parenting can be overwhelming! You may even feel guilty for hiding in the bathroom just so you can enjoy a morsel of chocolate in peace. On your way home from work, maybe you fantasize this scenario: you sit down with your family to a healthy meal, check in about your day, tidy up together, and sit down to a game or puzzle? In reality, the kids argue the whole ride home, you forgot to turn the crockpot on again, the kitchen table is full of yesterday’s glittery craft and your toddler pees their pants before you can throw some chicken fingers and bedtime fights commence.  

Your expectations of what family is, has fallen flat. When you do talk yourself into doing an activity with the kids, you find it boring or irritating. Your teen spends most of their time on their cell phone or video game. You want to hang out with them, but it is too much of fight to drag them out of their room. You just wish things were different. 

My hope is that our work together will fill you up and bring you the energy you need to enjoy your life and family.  I feel most excited when I can link past to present and watch your lightbulb moments fire up.  Maybe scenario one is unreachable, but wouldn’t it be nice to feel acknowledged and to see SOME positive results from all your efforts? 

I am good at helping families improve their connection and communication. I can help parents and co-parents discuss their differing plans for their children. Sometimes the adults have a hard time agreeing on the same mission for the family. Sometimes we do not know what the right thing to do is, but we know THIS is not it. I can connect with youth and help them to contribute more to the family. What if I told you that they are lonely and miss you too? Our youth are disconnected, addicted to screens and this is making them anxious, angry and aggressive. They need more human interaction and limits. I think parents need support and to make this happen. 

Our family relationships need attention. You need attention.  Let’s see if you can catch your breathe, calm the chaos, and find some joy in all of this. I understand that opening up about your private life can be vulnerable and scary. You know in your gut that fear won’t stop you. Times goes fast, our children grow quickly, and we want the future to be better now.  I can reassure you, that you are brave enough to work through these challenging feelings and situations. 


About Me

I am an Islander born and raised which means I like a good bike ride, yoga, cedar trees, throwing rocks into the ocean, camping, fires, music, and essential oils. When I am not working or studying, I will be at the big rock show, cooking good food or gardening.  My most valuable role is being a Mom. I have five children from 5-18 years. 

Being in a blended family, I have experienced my share of challenging scenarios, which I draw from when working with others.  I know what it is like to struggle in life but despite suffering, I have been able to carry on with a positive disposition. I do not lose hope; I won’t give up on you. 

My professional background is unique. I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with Blossom Tree Counselling and work with a local agency doing family support. Currently, I am completing my Master’s Degree in Psychology and Counselling and have a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care with distinction (2004) and a diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care (2002). I have a twenty-year history of working with families, children and youth. I am happy to be able to provide discounted services of $50 per hour, while I complete my degree. 

I am an energetic 40-year-old red head. I am comfortable with giving serious topics attention but have a great sense of humour and spicy wit. I am honest and direct but will remain kind and respectful with my communication. I am excited to meet you! You can book a free consultation or a full appointment online. 

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