What happens next?

How to  find my office? 

My private office is tucked behind the Teak Tree, which you can find on the corner of Selby St and Fitzwilliam Street. The physical address is 437 Fitzwilliam St but THE DOUBLE DOORS FACE SELBY STREET and you will see a small set of stairs from the sidewalk going to the office. Head South on Selby Street and you will find a small parking lot on your left – first driveway on your left. You turn into the parking lot and I have the first parking spot reserved my office – spot #5. I have this spot reserved for clients. The other parking spots are reserved for the other businesses in the Fitzwilliam Gate area. I have a parking policy that you need to be aware of. There may be another appointment after yours so please do not stay parked there. The spot will be needed for the next person coming to their appointment.

You can view a 360 degree tour of the inside and outside of my office here.  This link will show you the inside and outside of my office to give you a good idea of where I am and what my space looks like.

Where do I park?

You can only park in spot # 5 in the parking lot, the other spots are reserved for other business owners in the area. You can also find free street parking along Selby Street, and also the city parking lot is accessed on Selby St across from the Occidental Pub.

What happens when I arrive?

I generally have the door locked when I am meeting client’s to prevent any disruptions and have a sign on the door saying we are “In session’. I politely request that if you are early, you do not stay and hang out right outside the office door as this is disruptive for the current client in their session. Please do not let your kiddo peer through the bottom of the door and bang on the door. Please either wait in your vehicle, or have a wander around the Fitzwilliam Gate area until your appointment time. I know it’s not a perfect system, but it’s the best I can do.

If the sign says “Open” then please come on in! It’s just me. I try really hard to start and end my sessions on time so that I am available when you arrive. If you are late, we won’t be able to go past our time to make up for that, as I may have appointments booked after you. Often times I need that ten minutes in between clients to write up their note, return a quick phone call, clean up the room, or even just use the bathroom! Please, please respect the time and come in at the beginning of your session and not 5 or ten minutes before hand because you’re early.

What’s the difference between a meet and greet and intakes?

The meet & greet I find it helpful for that to be with the parent and child to view the office and meet me and have a little “pop by” to check it all out. If everyone is comfortable and it feels like a fit then we schedule the intake appointment and that is just with the parents.

The intake appointment for play therapy is for going over consent forms, gathering history, discussing your concerns and going over how I work, and determining our goals for services.  Again, for the intake it is just with the parent, no kids yet! This session is just to talk about what’s lead up to what’s going on now. I will review with you my approach in synergetic play therapy, what happens during a play therapy session, how we communicate, yours and my expectations, and identify the behaviours we want to see get better.

If you are wanting to set an intake appointment for individual or step family counselling, then I just do an intake with adults and we will review the consent form, discuss goals, expectations, history of concerns and strategies for improvement. You can book either an hour and 20 minute intake or a shorter intake appointment (50 minutes) as you see fit.

If you are wanting an intake for adolescent counselling for tweens and teens then I like to have the teen be a part of the intake, and review the consent form with both parent and teen, discuss confidentiality and limits, as well as the presenting concerns, goals, and expectations. If there are other family dynamics and issues that as parents, you would like to discuss privately without the teen present, then it would be fine to have the intake on your own. You know your family best, so I encourage you to do what works best for you as a family.

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