Megan Vandersluys


Welcome! I’m Megan, and I created Blossom Tree Counselling in 2017, with the intention to create a supportive place for children, teens and parents who are having a hard time with anxiety, mood, challenging behaviours and family transitions. Over the past several years I have also had many kiddos presenting with concerns that result from their neurodiversity, whether they are 2E, have learning challenges, present with ADHD, or are highly sensitive. Some children and youth present with sensory processing concerns, along with other issues that come up with being differently wired. I practice Synergetic Play Therapy, an approach that focuses on helping to children to increase their interoceptive awareness (noticing what’s happening in their body), while improving their emotional awareness and their ability to self regulate. As a step parent, I also love helping blended families process the challenges that arise from the challenges of all the differing dynamics.

I also love to work with step parents. Whether you are a stepmom or dad and you’re feeling like you’re at the end of your rope, or maybe you feel like you have NO influence in your own home and are walking on eggshells all the time. You might find yourself starting to avoid your stepchildren out of fear of doing or saying the wrong thing.

Or maybe your relationship is getting serious and you’re not sure how all kids involved are going to handle the changes, how can we handle these transitions smoothly for everyone. And sometimes you feel bad, like you’re already put them through so much and you feel guilty for adding more and need help processing the decisions you’re faced with.

You thought you had this blended family thing down but now new problems have come up and you’re totally taken by surprise!As a step-mom and part of a blended family, I get that the dynamics of a step-family can totally be challenging for everyone!

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