As a Step-family Counselor, I get that there are unique dynamics of step-families and they differ a lot from first families.

Step-family counselling is all about providing you with the tools specifically tailored to your step-family unit, and assisting you in putting these tools to work for you.

  • Is your blended family just not blending?
  • Are you a step-parent struggling with your relationship with the step-kids?
  • Is your relationship not what you expected?
  • Is discipline a problem?
  • Are your step-kids disrespectful?
  • Who comes first – your partner or the child?
  • Do you sometimes feel like an outsider?

If any of those resonate, my services are for you.

Step-family counselling is helpful for:
  • Couples who are engaged or newly married into a step-family, we can focus on helping each partner understand and effectively manage your new family system; thus, setting you up for long-term success
  • If you are a step-parent and you are confused and frustrated about your role in your step-family, then I’m here to help you figure out what you want it to look like, and put in place some specific boundaries that will help you feel more confident in your role as a step-parent
  • Parents faced with their ex’s new partner, and difficult feelings that can come up for you, challenges and new behaviors your kids might experience or act out, and new dynamics to navigate
  • Couples who have been together a long time and now there is an unexpected shift in the family dynamic, maybe an older step-child has moved in or is involved in legal troubles and this has created some challenges you haven’t experienced before
  • You have step-children and now as a couple you may be having your own children, how will this affect the step-children with the introduction of a new half-sibling?
A note about what I don’t offer:
  • I am not a mediator, and I do not provide mediation services
  • I am not a Parenting Co-ordinator
  • I do not provide Views of the Child reports required for court

My approach is that the step-family is like a new business. And in a well-run business, we focus on management. A successful business has a clear vision, each employee in the business knows their job description, their roles and what is expected of them. We want to calm the chaos so that in your house everyone knows what the expectations are and you can feel confident in your role in your family.

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