Both Megan and Erin are certified in EMDR which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. One major component of EMDR involves using a technique called “bilateral stimulation” when we have our clients engage in eye movements, tones, or taps while reviewing past upsetting memories in the now. The idea is not to erase your memories but to gently soothe the physical reactions that result from the traumatic event, like over reactivity, hyperarousal, avoidance, depressive and anxious slumps, or poor self-worth. It’s not the trauma that hurts the most, but often how we make sense of it.

EMDR therapy is empirically proven to be most helpful to treat PTSD and developmental trauma. It helps lesson the symptoms by changing the way traumatic memories are stored neurologically. When bad things happen, which they are bound to, we can get this mixed up in our brain and we may perceive that we are bad, gross, wrong, undeserving, or too much or not good enough. We think this is a problem that no one needs.

EMDR is safe to use with all ages and we are creative when utilizing with kids during their play therapy work.

Both Erin and Megan use EMDR with individual adults as well.