You’re a grown up, with a lot of responsibilities now. Who said you were ready for this anyway? Stress can build up in our system and takes the place of where carefree energy used to live. Maybe Friday night with your friends has morphed into a vent session and this can leave you feeling unfullfilled, or that you’re too much for them. You might find yourself saying, “No one listens to me! I feel so guilty if I say ‘No’. I feel misunderstood, and no one really gets me. I still feel so angry about something that happened such a long time ago, and I am embarrassed and I just want to be done with it!” 

I think that as we grow up, we marinate in the messages of our family and community, and if those messages don't match who we want to be, and what our true values are, we can find ourselves feeling stuck, we may find ourselves lacking in clarity of self or purpose. We wonder, what do I actually want?

Maybe you have clear goals for counselling, or maybe it’s as simple as wanting to feel better or more like yourself again. While we both love working with kids and play therapy, we are also grown ups and we enjoy the process of connecting with our adult clients. Yes! You’re interesting! We literally get excited to talk about the stuff most people in your family want to avoid at the dinner table. It’s good to know you have found the right person to connect with and help you. We know that counselling is meant to benefit the client, but we get something from the relationship too!

We ask that you think about who your ideal therapist is, what would that look like for you? Everyone is different and although we are well educated, you may find that we are less clinical than others. We do our best to run what our thoughts through a filter, but this takes solid effort on our part. Both Erin and Megan strive to be authentic with our approach and presentation. This means, we are with you when we are with you and encourage you to be the same with us! We are flexible, own our own shit, and feel curious about you. We truly want to see you grow and hope that you are willing to try out some silly mindfulness activities, and we don't shy away from taking on more serious trauma work. We will nurture your unmet childhood needs and support you in breaking up negative family patterns. Whatever we try, we know we will find the right and unique way to handle and heal your situation.